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Brian Hanlon

Internationally-acclaimed Artist. Timeless works of art.

Classically-trained Master Sculptor Brian Hanlon first rose to national recognition in the early 1990's with the installation of "Olympian.”  In the decades since that pivotal work, Hanlon has become one of the most prominent contemporary realism artists of his generation with more than 300 permanent installations.  His work is viewed by millions each year and has created countless 21st Century trending viral moments.

Hanlon takes a celebratory approach to each commission.  The artist’s goal is to inspire, awe and memorialize.  With both obvious and introspective hand-crafted detail rarely found in mixed media work, passionately honors icons, legends, and moments of significance (national Hanlon and personal).  His proprietary mix of metals to create a dramatic “living” bronze patina is the artist’s hallmark.

From the joyful "Welcome to Ocean County" multi-media plaza installation to the respectful Charles Barkley and Evander Holyfield bronze and granite sculptures, Hanlon’s work prompts the viewer's mind to contemplate what has been and dream of what’s possible… and what’s next.

His commissions translate seamlessly across all genres from liturgical to civic, public, and athletics because of his desire to learn and create thought-provoking, meaningful works of art.

Hanlon has been commissioned by private foundations, individuals, alumni associations, universities, state and city art initiatives, religious institutions, as well as the National Football Association, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.

He is also the official Master Sculptor for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.


Honoring historic moments with original craftsmanship.

Hanlon Sculpture Studio is a full-service art studio that designs and installs bronze sculptures, granite monuments and trophies.  Since the 1990’s the studio has served as both the full-service business office and creative space where specialized commissions are conceived of ultimately for installation around the world.

The rustic land that’s home to his studio is a source of evolving inspiration for Brian and his team. Many pieces incorporate studies of commanding eagles and observant owls, the detail of which is rarely captured and painstakingly translated into bronze.  The disposition and presence of each installation further communicates his respect for the original land on which it stands.

*Throughout the whole process the artist will guide the client in site design elements and coordinate the fabrication and installation. **The artist can provide assistance in planning the dedication unveiling and creating marketing materials, if needed.


Your vision is our work.  Every commission begins with hands-on clay and hundreds of hours later ultimately resulting in a proprietary blend of intricately sculpted alloy finished with Hanlon’s hallmark patina meant to last, and inspire, generations.

Hanlon's team collaborates with each client to develop and install a one-of-a-kind work of art which can take between six months and two years. (Commission inquiries click here).  Highlights of the process:

  • Creation of the clay model
  • Critique of model
  • Development of mold
  • Foundry process
  • Management of shipping
  • Coordination of installation
  • Support of dedication

Additional Services

From site design to fabrication the Hanlon Sculpture Studio team is fluent in all aspects of the installation of a commission - whether working on hallowed ground or personal property.  Hanlon’s team has dedicated years logistics coordination with the NFL, MLB, NBA, college and athletic organizations, fire and police departments, churches, municipalities, international legends and private families.  The studio team offers clients a range of consulting services to support the installation and unveiling of a commission, including:

  • planning the dedication
  • developing marketing collateral
  • managing the media relations and social media
Presenting The Past & Protecting Tradition