It is a great honor to have a statue. I like it, they did a nice job. It fits perfectly in front of our museum, close to the ground. I hope the birds leave it alone.

~Yogi Berra

I am honored to be here today witnessing the commemoration of this statue. It is an incredibly special memory and something that we all shared in. To me, it stands for resilience, it stands for determination in the face of adversity and it stands for what is right and great about New Orleans, Steve Gleason and the New Orleans Saints. I am greatly touched, honored and thankful to have been a part of this ceremony. It gives us added pride to call New Orleans home.

~Drew Brees

That is the best sculpture in the country. I am very humbled and honored.

~Shaquille O’Neal

I never, ever thought I would be honored with a statue, I always believed that statues were for saints. This sculpture that will stand forever at Franklin Fields is magnificent. When I look down at it from Heaven, it will be with great pride and appreciation.

~Chuck Bednarik

I can’t tell you how impressive the artwork is – you took a unique individual and captured her in perpetuity. Your statue will be a signature stop at the University of Texas forever.

~Chris Plonsky, Women’s Athletics Director, The University of Texas