Red Hawk Statue

Red Hawk Statue Lands at Montclair State University

MONTCLAIR, NJ (OCTOBER 7, 2015)—A 12-foot tall red hawk sculpture cast in bronze will now greet students at Montclair State University by the main entrance to campus, near College Hall and Panzer Athletic Center. Master sculptor and New Jersey native Brian Hanlon unveiled his depiction of the mascot on October 2.

Representing courage and determination, the new campus greeter known as “Rocky” will serve as an imposing yet majestic reminder to students that the sense of community is alive and growing.

“I think the new hawk will instill a sense of pride for students,” said Brian Hanlon who has sculpted other school mascots like the Florida International Panther, Michigan Tech Husky, Missouri Southern State Lion, Missouri State Bear, McKendree Bearcat, Seton Hall Pirate, Monmouth Hawk, Rowan Owl, Adelphi Panther, Clarion Golden Eagle and the Binghamton Bearcat.

“It also draws attention to some pretty formidable teams and serves as a way to celebrate the All-American athletes at Montclair,” Hanlon added.

Rocky has been BHOC (Big Hawk on Campus) since 1989, when Montclair State adopted the Red Hawk—a mythological bird closely resembling the red-tailed hawk—as its mascot.

Red-tailed hawks can often be found on campus, where they perch in trees and on utility poles.

“While red-tailed hawks are known as strong and aggressive hunters, Rocky prefers a friendly workout at the Student Recreation Center and usually shows his softer side, wearing his heart—and his loyalty—on his sleeve,” the school’s website stated.

For more pictures, please visit: Red Hawk Statue Gallery


Brian P. Hanlon is a classically-trained master sculptor and founder of Hanlon Sculpture Studio; a full-service art studio that designs, creates, and installs awe-inspiring and signature monuments featuring bronze, aluminum, stainless steel and granite sculptures, illustrative and informational graphics, and interactive kiosks.

Hanlon Sculpture Studio provides complete site design services from sculptures to hard and softscapes, and offers total project management from design to installation and unveiling.  In collaboration with administrative and athletic staff at colleges and universities, the studio develops the scope of artwork projects that are designed to enhance the spirit, pride and tradition of athletics and the campus community.